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  • Hallig - Hallig HZP (Men)

    Hooded zipper of the german black metal band Hallig.

    The hooded zipper are made with 100% fairtrade organic cotton.

    Limited to 100 prints.

    Brand: Neutral

    Color: Black

    Sizes: S-3XL

    Artwork by Misanthropic-Art.

    GOTS - Global Organic Textile Standard
    Fairtrade - Cotton
    EU Ecolabel
    SA8000 - Social Accountability Accreditation Services
    Neutral Responsibility
    OEKO-TEX - Standard 100


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  • TR076CD Thy Light - Thy Light EP

    “Thy Light” - EP of the brasilian depressive black metal band Thy Light.

    The EP comes as six panel digipak with booklet-sleeve, twelve sided poster booklet in a slipcase (inside out paper) only opened on the left side (main spine). The cd itself is black instead of silver.

    The EP is a coopertion release between Thy Light and Talheim Records.


    1. Infinite Stars Thereof
    2. The Crossing Of The Great White Bear




    Thy Light - Infinite Stars Thereof (Official Lyric Video)

    Full Album Stream:
    Thy Light - Thy Light EP (Full Album Stream)

    Product Presentation:
    Thy Light - Thy Light EP (CD Digipak Presentation)

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  • Isgalder - Streaming Concert


    Isgalder playing their first live streaming concert on May 22, 2021 at 20:00 / 8pm CEST

    Watch here:

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  • Talheim Records Release Week - March 25 - March 31 2021


    Talheim Records and Talheim Records Germany are presenting the forthcoming release week end of march 2021.

    This release week spans over two weeks including a time change at the weekend on march 28.

    March 25 - Grabak - Bloodline Divine (Re-release) 18:45 CET
    March 26 - Obsequial Joy - Show My Mercy EP 18:45 CET
    March 27 - Eclipsus - Yūrei 18:45 CET
    March 28 - The Harvest Moon - Decline To Disorder EP 18:45 CEST
    March 29 - Lifeless - Anhedonia 18:45 CEST
    March 30 - Moribund Oblivion - Endless 18:45 CEST
    March 31 - Grabak - Scion 18:45 CEST

    All albums will be available in stores end of march.


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  • TRG004CD Eclipsus - Yūrei


    Th e project Eclipsus was founded by solo member CoughinWraught in 2018.
    As as step away from his other raw black metal projects, Eclipsus is a medium for more emotional extraction and self-reflection.

    Comprised of an array of instruments, this project explores the darker concepts of depression, suicide and overall meaninglessness to life through a channel of atmosphere and contempt.

    Album Concept:
    Eclipsus’ debut album Yūrei follows the steps of entropy through an individual’s path to suicide in the Japanese Forest of Aokigahara.

    Desperate: existence, pointless for what it’s worth
    Mourning: the end is near
    Surrender: succumbing to the inevitability
    Weightless: suspended amongst the trees
    Unending: darkness enshrouding


    1. Desperate
    2. Mourning
    3. Surrender
    4. Weightless
    5. Unending

    CD Digipak:


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  • TRG003CD Obsequial Joy - Show My Mercy EP


    Obsequial joy was formed as a Doom/Post Black metal band at 2015, in Taiwan.

    The forthcoming first EP “Show My Mercy’’ was produced by CJ Kao from Chthonic. The album was designed by J.A.Holmberg from Th is Gift Is A Curse. “Show My Mercy’’ is an EP about the remorse that humans will feel, when they are stuck in the swirl of karma made by themselves.

    Blinded by fury, greed, sorrow, heading for their destruction step by step.


    1. Intro
    2. Helpless
    3. 因為太深所以淹死了
    4. Mercy’s Gate
    5. Hope

    CD Digipak:

    Streaming: -

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  • TRG002CD Lifeless - Anhedonia


    Lifeless was formed in Mexico during autumn 2013. Starting as a project with only two members, Nergot (Vocals, Guitar, Drums, Piano) and Kaktalm (Guitar).

    Basically the concept of this project was born based on the many stories that are silenced in the middle of nature, referring to the Aokigahara forest. That place that becomes a special space for yourself, where time stands still, where all those feelings of sadness, negativity, sorrow and nostalgia are isolated themselves from society and become one with that cold and desolate place, that where we are born and we return to be part of it when we decide to end our journey.

    This is dedicated to all who are in that terminal state full of suicide thoughts.
    All those who remained reflecting on all things aroud, on the questions that never had an answer, on what never had value or meaning, in the meaningless dawn, taking up the heartbreaking monotony in his hands to continue living from suffering every miserable day, creating a life standard based on that negativity, on those scars that marked each memory; it is also for those who never returned to this reality. Being part only of the poisoned memory and without a gray tomorrow to live.

    Lifeless is influenced by the sound of Black metal / Depressive black metal. During a couple of months songwriting, finally we did 4 songs for a debut demo called “Dark journey forested” recorded at home studio, the recording and editing process was made by Nergot.

    This demo was released under the ukranian record label Depressive illusions records in January 2014, limited to 33 copies. One month later the release, Kaktalm leaves the project for personal reasons. But this was not a factor to stop the path of Lifeless … the project was left entirely to Nergot and a new stage began. After just a couple of weeks Kjiel (Ita) joins as guitarist, being an important part in the composition and atmosphere of the sound. We decides to work on a new album and a couple of months later Hypothermia (Col) joins as lead vocalist, adding that touch of sweet and suffocating voices. This fact contributed to close that triangle of painful emotions.

    Now as International band this is how the full-length album “Inner shouts from a sad soul” was born containing 7 songs. It was released in 2015 by the ukranian label Vacula Productions supported with Insane Asylum Ind limited to 500 copies.

    After the release of this album each member decides to continue working on their side projects respectively. Some time later, at the beginning of the year 2017 the compositions for the next album began, the lineup is keeped, now Kjiel is also part of the additional voices, and
    Hypothermia is an essential part with piano (both writing the lyrics).

    During 2018, the studio recording stage began. This was a long process, because throughout the months there were some personal situations of each member that had to be attended. For this reason the music was recorded in 2 sessions, in 2017 and 2018 so the final stage of vocals was recorded in 2019. Besides, the mixing and mastering process was carried out during the summer of the year 2020, where finally the new full-length album “Anhedonia” was done, contains 8 songs, and describing each one of the situations through which each of the members has lived during the previous months.

    The name of the album is something direct about what is still lived day by day, how it is reflected in each scar and how it makes us stay tied and suffocated to this reality. A lack of sensations leads us to describe the nature of the forest in which we lose ourselves when we try to drown every memory that hurts us second by second. Some weeks later the band signs a contract with the record label Talheim Records Germany who will be in charge of the release from the album.


    1. Emp-ti-ness
    2. Ashes of Hopes and Dreams
    3. Trapped in the void
    4. Giving up everything
    5. Anhedonia
    6. Half-Hearted
    7. Time to go away from you
    8. Something insides me dies

    CD Digipak:

    Streaming: -

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  • AT - Shipping Restrictions

    As already known we still have shipping restrictions in a few countries.

    You can follow the restrictions directly on the austrian postal service page:

    Parcel restrictions (Updated: 04.02.2021):

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  • TR015ZP Kanashimi - Romantik Suicide HZP


    Kanashimi - Romantik Suicide is the debut album of the japanese Black/Doom Metal band.

    Fitting the re-release there is a limited hooded zip sweater with “Romantik Suicide” print.

    The hooded zip sweater is made of 100% biocotton from a sustainable production chain.

    Limited to 100 prints.

    Brand: Neutral

    Neutral: Black

    Print: Bronze/Orange/Red

    Men Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL, 3XL, 4XL


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  • TR016ZP Isgalder - The Red Wanderer HZP


    The print on both sleeves and chest is white, the backprint is made of nine colors because of the design.

    The hooded zip sweater is made of 100% biocotton from a sustainable production chain.

    Limited to 100 prints.

    Brand: Neutral

    Color: Black

    Print colors: White (Sleeves, Chest), 9-colored (Black)

    Men Sizes (75 prints): S, M, L, XL, XXL, 3XL, 4XL

    Girlie Sizes (25 prints): S, M, L, XL, 2XL


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